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Export Opportunities

Export Opportunities

'Australian Made' sections within stores in China


Australian Made Campaign Partner AUNEW also retails certified Aussie products and produce in China, in dedicated 'Australian Made sections within a range of stores. AUNEW's network of sections within stores can offer great exposure in the Chinese marketplace.

For more information or to find out if your product is eligible for sale in these sections, contact Gerry Yin on 02 9261 4888 or

eCommerce in China



Australian Made Campaign Retail Partner Premium Australia Foods (PAF) has developed successful online partnerships with major Chinese online shopping platforms Tmall,, JD and YHD, and is currently seeking more genuine Aussie products to sell online in China.  Through PAF, licensees can enjoy a low-risk, low-resource approach to achieving success online in China. To be eligible you must make food and beverage products, or health, beauty, or baby products - recently added categories for PAF.


For more information or to find out if your product is eligible for sale online in China, contact Chris Morley on 0433 589 714 or


Oz-Town in China



Australian Made Retail Partner Oz-Town is a 'one-stop-shop' for businesses interested in exporting to China, launching in September 2015. The organisation is able to work with licensees to coordinate shipping, oversee customs clearance, warehousing, display, marketing, sales and customer service.

For more information visit or contact Sophy Liu on


Channel to market via Export Growth China 



Australian growers and manufacturers seeking to expand their business in China now have a new channel to market via the New South Wales Business Chamber’s (NSWBC) Export Growth China initiative.

The NSWBC is one of the Australian Made Campaign’s Foundation Members, and the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo is being used to promote the initiative. The program is supported by Austrade under the Australian Government’s Asian Business Engagement Plan.

For more information, download the Export Growth China brochure here, or call 1800 505 529.


'Australian Made' branded shops in South Korea


Australian Made branded stores were launched in South Korea in 2014 in conjunction with longstanding Australian Made Campaign Partner, SINI Australia. SINI Australia is an experienced exporter, retailing and distributing certified Australian Made and Australian Grown products in South Korea since 2011.

For more information or to find out whether your product is eligible for sale in these stores, contact Jason Park on 02 9643 5422 or