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Building up the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo

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Building up the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo

The Australian Made Campaign ensures the logo stays top-of-mind with a highly effective marketing and communications strategy that uses TV, radio, print, online, outdoor and cinema advertising. Australian Made also actively pursues PR opportunities in the media and is regularly sought for expert opinion on topics including local manufacturing, consumer behaviour and labelling issues.

However, the Australian Made Campaign is every bit a collective effort, and these activities are supported by the marketing effort of the 1750 businesses onboard the campaign, including licensees, Campaign Partners, Campaign Supporters, Campaign Associates and Retail Supporters. The exponential power of this collective effort cannot be understated.

You can play an important role in boosting awareness of the logo around the country and around the world. By promoting the logo prominently on your products and in your advertising and communication materials, you too are building the profile of the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo. Other ways you promote the campaign include:

  • Talking to friends and family about the campaign, in your personal life and online on social media platforms, to encourage greater consumer awareness
  • Talking to your business colleagues and supply chain partners about the value of the campaign and the benefits of joining
  • Joining the Australian Made club, and forwarding opportunities to win great Aussie products and produce to friends, family and colleagues

For more ideas on how you can participate in the promotion of the Australian Made Campaign, call 1800 350 520, or email