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Resources for teachers and families

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Resources for teachers and families

Encouraging our children to start learning about the importance of buying Australian-made and Australian-grown early on is vital. Buying Australian-made and Australian-grown creates jobs right across the country; better career opportunities for our children; better prospects for our farmers, manufacturers and fisherman; and a better future for all Australians.

The Australian Made, Australian Grown logo is the easiest way to identify genuine Aussie products and produce.

If you are teaching your children or students about buying Australian-made and Australian-grown products, you can find lesson and activity ideas, hand-outs, background information, images and more on the website. The school kits, available in the Australian Made Campaign resource centre will give you an overview of the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo, how it is used and why it is important to buy locally made goods. The resources can be adapted to different subjects, including Society and History, English, Maths and Art.

Tasmanian farmer and Australian Grown advocate Chris Mckenna uses the Australian Made Campaign school kits to educate preparatory, kindergarten and grade one children across Tasmania.

“The kids really enjoy the activities, and it’s a good age to get them thinking about the food they are eating, because if we don’t, there won’t be any farming industries left by the time they leave school,” Mr Mckenna said.