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Singaporeans relish Australian products and produce

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Singaporeans relish Australian products and produce

For the fourth consecutive year the Australian Made Campaign has worked with Singapore-based retailer NTUC FairPrice Cooperative to promote Aussie products and produce, featuring the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo as the central branding.

For two weeks during 12-24 September, Singaporeans had the opportunity to select from a great range of delicacies from Down Under which included Australian nuts, chocolates, honey, yoghurt, muesli bars, biscuits, jams, fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products and fresh milk.

The promotion, which ran across 102 NTUC FairPrice stores, also gave shoppers the chance to win a trip for two to Adelaide, courtesy of the South Australian Government, and NTUC FairPrice gift vouchers.

Australian Made Chief Executive, Ian Harrison and Australian Made Export Manager, Ranjit K Singh, attended the launch function in the Zhong Shan Park NTUC Finest store along with Senior Executives from NTUC FairPrice.

"Australian products are recognised throughout Asia for their high quality and innovation, and there has been a significant increase in the range of Australian products sold through the NTUC outlets over the last three years," Mr Harrison said.

“Singaporeans are more affluent and educated than consumers in other parts of the region and there is a general concern about quality and safety of the products they purchase," Ms Singh explained.

Singapore is Australia's largest trade and investment partner in ASEAN and our fifth largest trading partner overall.

Singapore's small population and dependence on external markets and suppliers has pushed it towards economic openness, free trade and free markets. The Singapore - Australia Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA) was Australia's first bilateral free trade agreement since the Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement with New Zealand came into force in 1983.