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ACCC releases country-of-origin guidelines

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ACCC releases country-of-origin guidelines

The ACCC has revised its publication on country-of-origin claims. If you want a guide to the law relating to ‘Made in Australia’, ‘Product of Australia’ and other claims, this is a good starting point.

The Australian Made Campaign has its own rules around the use of the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo which are consistent with, but stricter than the provisions in the Australian Consumer Law.

  • You can download the ACCC country-of-origin guidelines here
  • You can download the Australian Made, Australian Grown Logo Code of Practice here

The Australian Made Campaign has submitted comment to and appeared before a number of Senate Committees on country-of-origin labelling in recent years, with suggestions on how Australian Consumer Law relating to country-of-origin labelling could be improved.

An inquiry is currently being conducted by the House of Representatives Agriculture and Industry Committee, in relation to food. You can find out more about this here.