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Australian Made 'Brand Power' series launches with ALDI

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Australian Made 'Brand Power' series launches with ALDI

The first in a series of Australian Made 'Brand Power' advertisements has been created in conjunction with the Buchanan Group. The ALDI commercials are currently running nationally, and feature some of the supermarket's most popular Australian-made products.

From cheese and olive oil, to laundry powder and pasta, you’ll find a great range of Australian-made products in every ALDI store. ALDI understands that Australian-made means great quality, and that’s why they’re great supporters of Australian-made products. The vast majority of ALDI's exclusive brands are sourced within Australia, including 100% of fresh meat, 97% of dairy and 95% of fruit and vegetables.

You can watch some of the ALDI Australian Made Brand Power commercials here:

The Olive Tree olive oil and Westacre cheese

Trimat laundry powder 

Remano spaghetti

International Cuisine ready meals

The Australian Made Campaign is proud to partner with the Buchanan Group to create an advertising platform dedicated to increasing sales of genuine Aussie products and produce. 

Founded on Brand Power’s proven marketing principles, the new TV advertising platform provides businesses with the opportunity to promote their Aussie products using Australia’s most recognised and trusted country-of-origin symbol, to drive sales and brand awareness.

Only products certified to carry the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo are eligible to be featured in the Australian Made Brand Power series.

While developed with TV in mind, the Australian Made advertising platform can produce digital videos for online purposes as well, providing reach and an engaged audience for your brands.

The Australian Made Campaign is committed to providing value-for-money opportunities for licensees, and as a result, the rates associated with participation in this initiative are highly competitive.

For over 25 years, Brand Power has driven sales for global icons, and has become an institution in Australian households and around the world, by influencing consumer behaviour and delivering unparalleled marketing ROI to its clients. Buchanan Group is the creator of Brand Power.

To talk to somebody about pricing and options, contact Toby Sheppard at Buchanan Group on 03 9684 6407.

To find out more about ALDI's commitment to Australian farmers and manufacturers, visit