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Looking forward to an authentic Australian holiday? Don’t forget an authentic Australian souvenir

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Looking forward to an authentic Australian holiday? Don’t forget an authentic Australian souvenir

International tourists and those travelling interstate are being targeted in a campaign encouraging consumers to buy Australian-made souvenirs when holidaying.

The initiative, which launches today and is coordinated by the national not-for-profit Australian Made Campaign, will see billboards pop up in major metro airports during peak travel periods reminding shoppers how to identify genuine Aussie products and produce. 

The Australian Made, Australian Grown logo, which is administered and promoted by the Australian Made Campaign, is the country’s only registered country-of-origin certification trade mark for all classes of Australian goods.

Independent Roy Morgan research has shown that 98% of Australians recognise the logo*, and recognition amongst overseas consumers is also growing, but Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, Ian Harrison, says ongoing education is needed to remind shoppers to look for it at point-of-sale.

“Many of the souvenirs sold in gift shops around the country are made overseas, unbeknownst to buyers who wrongly assume all ‘Australiana’ is made locally,” Mr Harrison said.

“Tourists that are seeking out authentic Australian experiences, should look for the green-and-gold Australian Made, Australian Grown kangaroo certification trade mark on products and produce to be sure what they are buying is genuinely Aussie,” Mr Harrison said.

This time two years ago a string of souvenir shops were heavily fined following an Office of Fair Trading investigation revealing unconscionable conduct, including passing off cheap imports as locally made goods and charging mark-ups of up to 4000 per cent.^

Shoppers can find a comprehensive online product directory featuring over 15,000 certified Australian Made, Australian Grown and Australian Seafood products at


* Roy Morgan Research, 2012