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Promotional campaign for Aussie agriculture: Boundless plains to share

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Promotional campaign for Aussie agriculture: Boundless plains to share

The Australian Made Campaign is pleased to announce its participation in a new book and comprehensive online promotional campaign into Asia for the Australian agriculture industry.

The ‘Boundless Plains’ book and multimedia campaign, produced by the One Mandate Group, is endorsed by the Federal Ministers for Agriculture, Trade and Industry and will incorporate a world-first national and international community knowledge exchange program for Australian agribusiness. This ground-breaking initiative is dedicated to enhancing Australia’s agriculture sector and building on its growing relationship with Asia.

The campaign will aim to:

  • Promote brands and sell products
  • Encourage business investment
  • Aid trade diplomacy
  • Invite buyer investigation and discussion
  • Attract inbound finance and investment

The Australian Made Campaign will be leveraging the initiative to reinforce the position of the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo as Australia’s global product symbol and the only registered certification trade mark for the full range of genuine Aussie products and produce. It is already registered as a certification trade mark across all food products in China, South Korea and Singapore.

All businesses making or growing food and agricultural products in Australia are invited to consider participating as well. 

For more information visit or contact John Keeney at One Mandate on / (02) 9884 9660.