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Workshops on exporting food products to Asia

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Workshops on exporting food products to Asia

The Australian Made Campaign and Australia Made Shop Pty Ltd, which manages the Australian Made branded stores in China, will be leading a workshop on country-of-origin branding and entering the Chinese market at the Mondelez International Food Innovation Centre this year.

The workshops will be aimed at helping small and medium businesses capitalise on Asian insights and export opportunities, with an emphasis on preparing products for the Asian and domestic retail channels.

To register your interest in attending a 2015 event, or for more information, email

The Mondelez International Food Innovation Centre also hosts networking events and training sessions, offers idea generation workshops, landscape analysis and knowledge mapping, and provides access to Asian consumer panels. You might like to consider visiting the centre if you are looking to:

  • Drive innovation capability 
  • Expand your network with like-minded businesses
  • Export your products to Asia
  • Expand your business and break into new retail outlets
  • Redefine the existing category you play in or break into a new category
  • Sense-check a new product/pack before launching
  • Move your product out of a commodity priced competitive set and into a 'value-add' space.

For more information, download the brochure here.