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Changes to Code of Practice

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Changes to Code of Practice

As a result of the introduction of the government’s new food labelling system, Australian Made Campaign is no longer able to license food products to carry the AMAG logo, except for exported products.

Our Code of Practice needs to be amended to reflect this change. Changes to the Code have been approved by the Industry Department and the ACCC and are now being gazetted by IP Australia. We expect to have final approval in September.

The amendments include:

  • general information about food labelling, the Information Standard and the changed role of AMCL
  • a new rule prohibiting licensing of food products
  • transitional arrangements for existing licensees with food products.

The current Code includes a list of processes which are not considered (by AMCL) to qualify as ‘substantial transformation’. In order to provide consistency with the Australian Consumer Law and the Information Standard going forward, AMCL has agreed to delete this list and rely instead on new guidance material to be issued by the ACCC. Bearing in mind that AMCL will only be licensing use of the logo on food products for sale overseas, in order to provide greater transparency in use of the logo on such products, additional criteria have been added requiring the origins of imported primary ingredients to be identified.

In an unrelated change, a new rule has been included which specifically gives AMCL the right to remove products from a licence when they are found to be non-compliant.

The updated Code will be available on the Australian Made website as soon as it is finalised and all licensees will be sent a copy by email.

Please direct any questions to our compliance team on 1800 350 520 or