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Sheepskin Shoe Buffing Pad

Chic Empire Ugg Boots

For a long lasting natural shine Chic Empire’s Deluxe sheepskin buffing pad is a perfect addition to any shoe care kit. Natural soft sheepskin fibres are perfect for many different types of leathers. Quick buffing with the sheepskin pad will give your shoes a long lasting brilliant shine while being gentle on the surface of leather. Presence of natural lanolin in sheepskin fibres aid the polishing process and produces unmatched results.
The buffing pad is made from a single piece of genuine sheepskin with broad elastic providing a comfortable fit for most size hands.

Where to buy

Online stores
Online Store

Chic Empire Ugg Boots

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Major Retailers
  • David Jones
  • Myer
Additional Retailers
  • Chic Empire - Flagship Store - Melbourne - CBD
    211 Elizabeth Street MELBOURNE
    VIC 3000 AU
Direct From Manufacturer

Chic Empire DFO
38-40 Buckland Street

Phone Orders

03 9544 6110

Where available
  • Worldwide
  • Australia