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GME TX3820UB UHF 25W remote mount commercial radio

  • TX3820UB_hr.jpg

-Remote mount
-Wide band / narrow band programmable by channel
-25 Watts transmitter output power
-Non volatile memory retains all user settings.
-CTCSS (continuous tone coded squelch system)
-MDC1200 signalling
-Selcall to allow individual or groups of radios to be called.
-Voting automatically selects the nearest free repeater channel.
-DTMF for dialling telephone numbers or activating devices by remote control.
-'Talk Around' allows the radio to talk directly to another radio when both parties are using a repeater channel.
-Dustproof microphone
-Firmware upgrade to V3.01 will increase channel capacity to 256 channels and 100 position look up table and allow subsequent firmware upgrades from the front panel port.
-Dual compliant for Commercial and CB channels
-Designed and manufactured in Australia.

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