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Blackcurrant Face Hydrator

Jordella Skincare
  • E1B062F3-F690-4E59-975A-6CDDCC5F2F48.jpeg an exceptional product to use when needing a light moisturiser, especially in the hotter months, with its unique ability to enrich and firm the skin with high levels of Vitamin C in Certified Organic Black Currant oil, Certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel, while the Watermelon oil helps to combat oilier skin types. A light aroma, synergising with Vitamin B, Certified Organic Helichrysum, Certified Organic Neroli Hydrosol and Certified Organic Green Tea Extract, make this moisturiser high in anti-oxidants which is excellent for attacking free radicals and ensuring hydrated skin. A must for all skin types including our Teens.

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Suits all skin types, of all generations, however testimonials show great results for youth with Acne skin. Excellent for sports or gym enthusiasts. One of my personal favourites. Use our Green Coffee Antioxidant Toner prior to use.

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