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Maik Wallframes

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Phone: 0424 260 095

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Antomi Productions trades as Maik Wall Frames. Hello, it’s Anthony and Naomi. We are the co-founders of Maik. We like to put things on the wall such as our kids artwork, photos etc. as a visual reminder of what’s going on in our life. The problem is that it can get pretty messy. We couldn’t find anything to suit our needs so we created the solution ourselves. An adaptable wall frame that could change as our lives changed.

Maik wall frames are the first frames in the world that you can resize, reposition; they are lightweight, glass free, no hooks, no drills, no worries. The Maik framing system comes with 12 straights, 8 corners and 28 connectors in a small box. It makes 1 large A1plus frame or 2 x A2 size frames with over 10 different configurations. Made and designed in Australia.

Register at for your early bird discount and to help Kickstart our first production run in early 2018. Thank you for your support in helping bring the Maik wallframe to life.
Launching on Kickstarter, March 2018.

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Maik Wallframes

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