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Nature's Blend

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Nature's Blend is an Australian owned company providing Australian made FUNctional FOODS and complementary medicines for health and wellness, which also includes Omega nutrients and gluten free products.

Omegamite Yeast Spread was an innovative world first awarded innovative product at SIAL Shanghai 2012 food expo China.

Omegamite adds to the Nature's Blend FUNctional FOODS range which includes Omegahoney, Omoegasmart-Omega Peanut Butter, Omegamayo, Omegagold Flaxseed Oil and Litesmart. The OmegaChef and OmegaKids together with the Omegabees - Alpha 3, Lino 6 and Ole 9 help make it fun and easy for kids to relate to the Omega nutrients.

NATURE'S BLEND are "Putting the FUN in FUNctional FOODS" while "MAKING GOOD FOOD BETTER".

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Nature's Blend

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