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FRP Fines Recovery Pod

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Fines recovery Pod is used at the end of the sand washing process to help dry (dewater) the sand from a previous stage or concentrate on recovering the fine sand from the waste water before going back to Pond.
* Large Collection tank
* SRD180 style weir Galvanised with waste discharge pipe (flange fittings)
* Dewatering screen (fixed speed) with poly screens 500 micron
* Cross discharge screw fixed speed (if sand is configured to discharge this way)
* 225mm steel pipe for discharge and inlet 8 inch from other source
* Hydraulic drive on screenbox and cyclone pump
* 250mm Cyclone with rubber lined pump
* Cyclone on a Swing allowing it to deposit material on the dewatering screen or to the side of machine separately

Where to buy

Direct From Manufacturer

Precisionscreen Pty Ltd
39 Quindus Street

Phone Orders

1800 727 991

Where available
  • Oceania/NZ
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Papua New Guinea