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The Rustic

Quedos Billiard Tables
Rustic (340x340).jpg
  • Rustic (340x340).jpg

The Rustic pays tribute to our farming heritage. A solid table constructed from well seasoned, recycled timber. The Rustic proudly displays its ancient markings, the knots, bird's eyes and original saw marks. The shapes and textures are exactly as they were when we rescued the timber. This means every Rustic table is different, each with a story to tell.

Pockets are silk, trimmed with fine grain Australian leather and colour coordinated with first class English cloth. The Rustic may bear the scars of time but it's "soul" of precision cut slate ensures that it plays perfectly true. A table as distinctive as the harsh landscape it comes from.

Available in 7' x 3'6", 8' x 4', 9' x 4'6", 10' x 5' and 12' x 6' sizes

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Quedos Billiard Tables
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