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Rebekah Green Clay Mask

Rebekah Holdings
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Our Green Clay Mask contains French green clay, Tea tree oil and Lavender essential oil, and will make your face feeling soft, smooth and refreshed.

Our main ingredients are:
French Green clay, which is the common name of mineral clay called Illite, valued for its highly absorbent properties. Illite is a bio-mineral, composed of both decomposed plant material and trace minerals such as calcium, aluminum, magnesium, silica, phosphorous, copper and zinc. French green clay has historically been used as a beauty treatment with noted beneficial qualities such as removing impurities and tightening the pores, toning the skin, exfoliating dead skin cells and reducing inflammation in acne. It can also be used as a full-body treatment to soften dry, rough skin.

Combined with the antifungal, antiseptic and antibacterial properties of tea tree oil, and the healing and soothing properties of lavender oil , our Rebekah Green Clay Mask will leave your skin refreshed and clean..

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