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Sheringham Prime 3-in-1 A/C Purifier & Disinfectant 500ml

Sheringham Prime


Sheringham Prime 3-in-1 A/C Purifier & Disinfectant is effective in removing soiled areas that may contain Ecoli, Staphylococcus, etc. Its high strength of Essential Eucalyptus Oil, Botanical Seed Oils, has a NEAR 100% kill rate against flesh eating micro parasite known as Bed Bug.

Does not kill by chemical poisoning. On the contrary, harmful bacteria, bed bugs and other micro-parasites are humanely euthanised by Sheringham Prime 3-in-1 A/C Purifier & Disinfectant's Natural ability to rapidly shut down the Parasites Neuro Transmitters, causing rapid death.

Works great in eliminating odours, it delivers a relaxing yet natural aromatic experience for your living space.

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Sheringham Prime

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