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Wool Quilt

SouthernCross Woollen
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We manufacture our quilts using only the finest products and materials - 100% pure Australian downs wool expertly stitched into a luxuriously soft 400 thread count cotton sateen casing. With our continued commitment to quality and innovation, all our products are designed for lasting freshness, easy care and bring you ultimate comfort naturally.
We only use the highest quality pure new Australian Downs Wool and cotton fibres that enhance your sleep by allowing air to circulate around your body and by helping you sleep in comfort at even temperature. After being processed with the most advanced technology of cleaning, carbonizing and combing, only 50%-60% high quality downs wool can be used from the sheared fleece, for top quality wool bedding products. All Southerncross Woollen wool quilts are made by our experienced local manufacturer. Every piece of our product range will present you the genuine Australian lifestyle.

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SouthernCross Woollen

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