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Homemade fruit icy poles

The kids can help out with making these super easy home made fruit icy poles. You can change this recipe around using your favourite fruit combinations to create delicious summer flavours. Thanks to Aldi for the recipe idea and picture!


Preparation time

5 minutes + freezing



As many as you are wanting to make!



Australian Grown strawberries 

Australian Grown raspberries

Or any other fruit you like

Australian Grown orange juice (or you could be creative and use another juice flavour!)

Icy pole sticks (popsicle sticks)



  • Drop strawberries and raspberries (or whatever fruit you are using) into each icy pole mould or plastic cup.
  • Carefully pour orange juice over fruit.
  • Add an icy pole stick to each cup and freeze overnight, or until it has fully set.
  • When you're ready to eat it, run some warm water over the cup to slide the icy pole out!
  • Enjoy!