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Gluten-free Enchiladas

Mexican food is on-trend at the moment and this gluten-free recipe for enchiladas from Diegos is a great way to spice up a Mexican feast.


Preparation time

10 minutes

Cooking time

30 minutes





Spray oil

2 to 3 cloves of garlic

1 large roughly chopped onion

1-2 fresh birds’ eye red chilies or mild red chilies (stems removed) (find in fruit vegetable section)

Can of Gluten Free Tomato soup

1 bunch of washed chopped coriander

½ cup chicken stock (gluten free stock)

10 Diego’s White Corn Tortillas (store any remaining tortillas in a zip lock bag in fridge)

2 cooked chicken breasts shredded

1 cup shredded reduced fat cheese (favourite type)

1 teaspoon paprika

¼ cup light sour cream (add a teaspoon of milk or water and whip to thin)

Salt and pepper



  • To make the sauce, fry the garlic, onion and chillies for approximately 2 minutes in a non-stick skillet with spray oil.
  • Add the tomato soup (do not add water) and coriander, and let simmer for approximately 5 minutes.
  • Cool and puree using blender or food processor. Poor back into the skillet and add chicken stock. Season to taste and simmer to thicken for approximately 3 minutes or until reduced and thickened. Add salt and pepper. Reduce the heat to keep the sauce warm while you prepare your enchiladas.
  • To make the enchiladas, start by preheating the oven to 180 Degrees Celsius.
  • Mix together the chicken, paprika and half of the coriander and set aside.
  • Spoon enough sauce to cover the bottom of a rectangular baking dish (approximately 30cm x 20cm) or square baking dish (approximately 25cm x 25cm). Sauce should still be warm.
  • Heat a sandwich press until the green light comes on, spray oil on tortillas (3 can fit overlapped at a time) and keep the lid shut until steam escapes. If you don’t own a sandwich press this step can be performed in a frying pan. As each stack is completed, set it on a cutting board and continue with the remaining tortillas, stacking them one on top of the other. Once finished using a spatula gently turn the stack of tortillas over.
  • Pass the tortilla through or brush with the enchilada sauce. Add chicken mixture to the bottom quarter of the tortilla and gently roll it forward. Then place seam side down in the baking dish. Continue until finished.
  • Top with remaining sauce then spoon on sour cream in dollops over enchiladas and finish off with cheese. Bake in a moderate oven for approximately 15 minutes until cheese melts or turns golden brown. Let cool for approximately 5 minutes before topping with remaining coriander, cutting and serving.