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The campaign to promote and administer the AMAG logo is not for profit and funded by the licence fees businesses pay to use the logo. The campaign is not funded by Government.


The annual licence fee is based on the actual sales of licensed products for the previous 12 months.The minimum fee is $300 plus GST for annual sales up to $300,000.

Instead of providing an exact sales figure, licensees are required to select the range their turnover falls into. There is a fixed fee associated with each range.

If the products have not been on the market for a full year, the fee will be based on an estimate. Click here for some examples of how to calculate your licence fee for a number of different scenarios.

Click here to view the Australian Made, Australian Grown Logo Code of Practice. 

Current fee schedule:

 Fee _schedule _new

All fees are expressed exclusive of GST.

Please call us on 1800 350 520 or contact us if you have any questions about the fee structure.