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Warning to check country-of-origin labels following hepatitis A scare

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Warning to check country-of-origin labels following hepatitis A scare

The Australian Made Campaign is encouraging consumers to spend more time checking the country-of-origin labels on food products in the wake of a national recall of imported frozen berries which authorities believe to be contaminated with hepatitis A.

Patties Foods recalled its 1kg 'Nanna's Frozen Mixed Berries' after five people contracted the disease, and on Sunday it also recalled its 300g and 500g 'Creative Gourmet Mixed Berries', which are imported from Chile and China.

"This issue exemplifies the differences in health and safety standards for the production of food around the world," Australian Made Chief Executive, Ian Harrison said

"Australia's clean, green environment helps produce exceptionally high quality food, but moreover, our strict regulatory framework ensures Australian-grown produce is also safe to eat, and we encourage consumers to consider this factor when choosing what to buy."

The Australian Made Campaign is the not-for-profit organisation that administers and promotes Australia's registered country-of-origin certification trade mark, the Australian Made, Australian Grown kangaroo logo.

"Consumers should look for the logo to be sure what they are buying is genuinely Aussie," Mr Harrison said.

"Imported food products which are packed in Australia - as was the case in this instance - do not qualify to use the symbol."