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Hot Houses and Shade Houses

Adloheat Horticultural Products
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The most versatile and functional houses on the market. Perfect for growing vegetables, herbs, hydroponic plants, flowering plants, propagating seeds & cuttings, indoor plants, etc. Warm temperatures build up in the house allowing plants to keep growing even in the winter months.
SPLIT ROOF model allows for superior airflow - which is imperative for healthy plant growth. The unique design allows the entire length of the roof to open and via air convection, cooler air enters through the lower vents and pushes hot air out the roof vent. The bird screen provided prevents birds, pests etc entering the roof opening.The roof hinges on the left.
Popular for orchids, ferns, indoor plants, palms or any shade loving plants. Range of colours and densities of shade available. Protects plants from the harsh effects of the sun and wind damage.
Have the best of both worlds. House comprises 2 separate rooms with a wall & door dividing both. Propagate in the heated area & harden off in the shade area. Or grow heat loving plants in the solar end & sun sensitive plants in the shadecloth end. FEATURES included in Adloheat houses above:
* Strong, galvanised BHP steel frame in kit form
*Sewn reinforced fitted cover
*Full size steel hinged door
*Lockable steel door handle
*Frame Shield tape (hot houses only)
*Two wall vents (hot houses only)
*Bird screen (split roof house only)
*Pegs or concrete fixings (please specify)
*Screws, rubber and steel washers
*Set of DIY instructions

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