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Blank Canvas, Post Laser Aid

Aussie Inked
Blank Canvas Post Laser Gel AM Website Image.jpg
  • Blank Canvas Post Laser Gel AM Website Image.jpg

Our premium Post Laser Gel soothes, cools and relieves irritated after laser treatment. It's been clinically formulated using the finest natural plant-based ingredients, without mineral oils, or harmful irritants.
Soothes & cools with Cucumber Oil and Aloe Vera
Includes the calming, anti-inflammatory, anti-itching properties of Chamomile
Reduces redness and swelling with Arnica to treat bruising and scarring
Antibacterial to avoid possible infection due to blister lasered skin
Creates a comfortable moisturising protective barrier to protect the wound
Powerful anti-oxidant rich Green Tea Extract (aka Matcha) to promote cell turnover and repair the skin

Active Ingredients:
Vitamin B5, alpha-Bisabolol, Natural Vitamin E, Cucumber Oil, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Powder, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Chamomile Flower Extract, Arnica Flower Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Calendula Flower Extract.

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