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Honey Glow Exfoliant

Jordella Skincare
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The magic of Australia Bush Honey carefully blended with spheres of Walnut & Bamboo exfoliants, Certified Organic Avocado oil (high in Anti-oxidants, skin repairing fatty acids) and a light BHA of Salicylic Acid (improves skin thickness, anti-irritant). Uplifting aromas of Certified Organic Spearmint essential oil brings together this fabulous face exfoliant to remove the deepest of impurities.

Honey Glow Exfoliant, the strongest in our Face Exfoliant range is conveniently in a flip top, BPA free tube and 100% recyclable. Not suitable for menopausal, sensitive, inflamed or broken skin. However if you are a lover of a strong exfoliant, without scratching and stripping the skin of precious oils, then Honey Glow Exfoliant is for you.

In tiny circular movements and using the desired amount of product, paying particular attention to chin and nose area, gently slough away dead skin from face, neck and d├ęcolletage areas, while keeping away from eyes. Take the exfoliant around the hair line too and wash off in shower.

May help with:

dry skin, sallow skin, grayish skin, acne (but not sensitive) skin, mature skin, whiteheads, blackheads, pore size, barrier function, thinning skin, collagen production, pimples, may help to improve luster of skin

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