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Protect•A•Bed® (Snugfit Australia Pty Ltd) is a proud Australian manufacturer of premium bedding protection products and is the world’s number one selling mattress protector. Established in Australia in 1990, today Protect•A•Bed® has partners and distributors in 30 countries worldwide.

Protect•A•Bed® is dedicated to improving the sleep environment of every Australian for better health and quality of sleep. Every mattress, quilt and pillow needs protection against breeding bacteria and dust mites allergens which are the major causes of asthma allergies and eczema. Protect•A•Bed® also has solutions for bed bug infestations which have risen by 4600% since 2000 in Australia.

The range of products includes state-of-the art waterproof yet breathable mattress protectors, full mattress encasements, pillow protectors and cot mattress protectors designed to promote health and hygiene while allowing for allergy-free, comfortable and luxurious sleep.

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