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Subo - Feeding Dispenser

Subo Products Australia
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Subo is a reuseable non-squeeze food bottle. It allows young children to feed themselves independently without making a wasteful mess! It's perfect for feeding on the go and works best with healthy homemade foods like purèes and smoothies, or store bought bulk foods like yogurt, weetbix and tinned spaghetti.
Subo is quick and easy to fill. The food sits on top of the platform. As the child sips on the soft silicon spout, the platform automatically moves up the bottle! The food goes directly into their mouth; unlike food pouches, where food can be squeezed out to create a wasteful mess. When finished, it can be disassembled, making it easy to clean and refill.
Non-squeeze = No more squeezey messes in the pram or car seat!
Innovative moving platform. As the child sips the food, the platform moves up the bottle!
Save money and be more environmentally friendly. The reuseable Food Bottle eliminates the need to buy expensive disposable food pouches.
Subo is proud to be part of the Australian Made campaign. The Food Bottle is manufactured in Australia, ensuring the highest quality materials are used.
Invented and designed by Aussie parents for other Aussie parents looking for an easier, cleaner way to feed their children on the go.
As The Food Bottle is a product for children to use, safety is of the highest concern. The Food Bottle has been independently lab tested and certified to Australian and European standards (AS 2070 & EN 14350).
The Food Bottle is BPA, Phthalate & PVC Free.
The ergonomically shape bottle is overmoulded with a grippy texture to help little hands.The viewing window and scales allow parents and children to see how much food is remaining in the bottle.
The Food Bottle holds a maximum of 210ml of food, but can be adjusted to smaller volumes by pushing up the platform before filling.
The bottle can be fully disassembled for easy cleaning. It is designed so that there are no hard to reach places where food can get trapped.

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