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'Pouch Mini' Ostrich leather

Victoria & Maude
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A new take on an old favourite, the 'Pouch Mini' is our version on a piece of luxury for everyone. Using the leather from the side and belly of the Ostrich the 'Pouch Mini' will generally not have quills, but will still have the strength of the second most durable leather in the world.

Australian Ostrich leather
Height 8cm - Width 12.5cm - Chain 10cm - Weight 41g
Water resistant black lining/black logo woven into fabric
Brushed antique rose gold coloured hardware
Designer dust-bag
Gift box: Height 12.5cm - Width 15.5cm - Depth 4cm - Weight 124g
Made individually by hand in Australia

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Online Store

Victoria & Maude

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Additional Retailers
  • Park Hyatt Melbourne
    1 Parliament Square EAST MELBOURNE
    VIC 3000 AU
  • Pen Ultimate
    2/455 George St SYDNEY
    NSW 2000 AU
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