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Virgin Green Olive Farm Pty Ltd T/As Goornong Estate

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Virgin Green Olive Farm Pty Ltd T/As Goornong Estate
760 Collins Road,
Bagshot North,

Phone: 03 9988 6612

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Over a decade ago, a group of young Australians planted their dreams on this property. Blessed by Central Victoria’s Mediterranean climate, and years of hard work and investment, we now have nearly 10,000 olive trees which have started yielding fruits and fulfilling those dreams.

At the beginning, this property was named Bendigo Olives as it is close to one of the hesitoric town in Victoria, Bendigo, which is famous for its Gold Rush history. When this premium quality extra virgin olive oil was discovered and dearly loved by the new owner - the Dengs family - it was then named after its distinguishing colour and oil flavour, which features a greenish gold colour and a crisp fruity aroma, Virgin Green. Based on a draft from our work diary which was commenced 14 years ago, we re-named this property under its original name, Goornong Estate.

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Virgin Green Olive Farm Pty Ltd T/As Goornong Estate

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Virgin Green Olive Oil Pty Ltd
2A Collins Road

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03 9988 6612

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