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TorKings (Torus-Kings) is a giant leap of evolution of the Classic Connect 4 in Row game. The kids-centric game of the past has been transformed to truly engage families, gamers and entertainers of all age. The result is an upgrade and expansion of the game’s demographic that’s decades overdue.

I played Connect 4 way too much with my kids. The manual sorting of tokens after every game absolutely drove me nuts - how tedious and time wasting! So much so that I engineered a way for the tokens to sort and return themselves back to each player!
That required a complete re-design of the hardware. So while I was at it I completely overhauled/ redesigned every aspect of the game (hardware and gameplay) - so that any self-respecting adult/ mature gamer could be entirely at home/ comfortable playing the game and being seen playing the game.

The magic of the original game was preserved as a base game option, but there was no reason the hardware and gameplay should have to remain so confined and limited.
I made the game boards modular, developed new 3D Iconic tokens and new rules for new game options. That allowed the game dynamics to explode and satisfy the minds of adult and seasoned players.
A great step forward for enhanced STEM gaming in this genre. Another massive advance is in the easy ability to add players and play in collaborative interactive team play. – A giant win for Social IQ skills development. The result is TorKings (Torus-Kings) - a more dynamic, engaging and adaptive game for the broader range of demographics - families, gamers, teams and entertainers of all ages.

• Tokens now sort and return themselves back to players. Tedious manual sorting is replaced with the satisfying and magic automatic sorting of tokens. That means more game time and fun for all players.
• Modular Game Boards – Join up to 3 boards for up to 6 players and expand gameplay dynamics and game options - including new interactive co-op team games.
• Iconic Eye-Tonic Tokens:
• As in a game of chess, the beautifully sculpted tokens optimise aesthetics and visual accessibility. The game diversity and dynamics can then naturally expand.
• Enhanced STEM and Social IQ Building games. Great for growing minds of all ages. Engaging and diverse gameplay for families, gamers and entertainers that’s also the most fun way to play!
• Premium Throughout: Quality materials, design, performance, and packaging. TorKings is designed to elevate your game journey.

* Safer porous token design: Reduced choking hazard - The token design allows airflow (through the face and the edge) regardless of orientation in an airway.

* Token magazines: A stylish token storage solution that is used to neatly store and count your tokens + keep score. The magazines are also used to store the game fully assembled in original (expanded) game box.

* Spinner tokens: TorKings tokens can spin on their face or be clipped together on edge to spin like a fidget spinner. They are great for a turn timer, selector or just for fun.

* Snap Latch: The TorKings latch has a snap-close action – which secures your game against the infuriating random release of tokens and game destruction that occurs all too often with the competitor designs.

* Colour Range: There are 4 engaging skin colours to choose from. Edge of Space (Dark blue with silver flec) GT Cerulean (Light Blue), Starship Silver and Pearl Floyd (Rose Gold). The colour choice / customisability is an option that has really ticks boxes for customers.

Being the very best in the genre makes TorKings the definitive and highly desirable choice for upgrading. The most common purchase mode to date has been 2 games in a single sale! It’s a gift you can share! Buy one for yourself and one for your friend. So you can bring them together and play on the bigger joined board. It’s a premium, meaningful and thoughtful gift for kids, adults or families alike.

TorKings is Australian Invented, Made and Owned – a valued distinction and sales lubricator for Western buyers seeking to avoid Chinese made products - who prefer to bolster Western manufacturing and values. It’s manufactured locally, so retailers can sidestep the frustrating reliance, escalating costs, customs and shipping delays

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